• House at Lympne



    Lympne, Kent


    Private Client



  • Key Features

    An eco-friendly house with a strong geometric ‘modernist’ design that reflects the expansive views to the south-east across the Downs and the English Channel. ‘Energy efficiency without an eco-aesthetic’.

    Overall winner of the 2009 RIBA Downland Prize.

  • Two curving lines from the entrance corner of the site, radiate out towards the south-east creating a sense of structure to the site and complement the gently flowing topography of the Downs. Two solid accommodation cubes are located by these lines which are twisted apart to allow space for a curved roof to announce the entrance and lead you through the central volume of the house to the landscape beyond. The brief for large expanses of glass overlooking the garden views

  • potentially created significant solar gain problems. By extending the curved roof over the rear, the addition of flank walls and balconies and very careful orientation of the blocks, a controllable amount of sun is allowed into the building to warm the day spaces but still provide protection from the potential of midday solar overheating.